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What is Product Photography

Product Photography or e-commerce photography is defined as photos taken of a product which are then promoted on social media and websites to help drive the sales of the product. A Product Photographer is responsible for capturing images of products for advertising purposes. Product photographers work with brands to create images that will best represent the product in the online space and create a product image. It is to be noted that Fashion Photography, Model Photography, and Clothing Photography also fall into the sub-branches of Product Photography.

Why Are Product Photography And Product Image Important?

Product Photography is essential and has great importance in modern times. In all its heart, it showcases the value of your product. Good design and photography can influence whether people consider your product to cheap or expensive. They provide your customers with a clear image of what they will expect to receive. A high-quality image implies that your product is high quality; it creates a good first impression of your brand.  It may even influence how much they are willing to pay for it.


The human brain can process images in only 13 milliseconds — which means you don’t have much time to make a good first impression on your customers. What shoppers see is often a deciding factor in whether they will stay on your site or lose interest, so it’s crucial that you invest in building an online store that catches their eye and keeps them intrigued. One of the best ways to do this is through great product photography. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you probably already know how amazing your products are, but until a customer has your product in hand, all they have to rely on are the pictures on your website. This is why the best e-commerce websites not only have great products, but also great photos of their products. These images testify to the quality and value of your products and establish transparency in your e-commerce business.

Why Choose Grey Circles Communication

Grey Circles Communication is a leading Marketing Agency that specializes in Product Photography. Product Photography is essential for an organization as it convinces consumers to buy products. Our executive photographers make sure that they provide your customers with a clear image of what they will expect to receive. We make sure that the buyers get the best look at an item in person, where they can see everything they need to before purchasing.


Individual shots:

One of the most common types of product photos, the individual shot which contains only one object in the frame. These are often featured in product catalogs, banner images and throughout product pages to showcase individual products independently. They are often shot with a white background to create a clean and simple look and keep focus on the product.

Group Shots:

 You guessed it — group shots showcase more than one prouct together.

Frequently used for product kits and collections, group photography displays the range and variety of your products and gives the customer a more complete view of your offering. These types of images are perfect for social media posts and advertisements, as they give shoppers a taste of your brand as a whole, rather than just one product.

Lifestyle Shots:

 This type of photography is where you get to show your products in action. Lifestyle Shots are typically taken with a model. They tell the story behind your product and show your customers how they can use them in their daily lives.

We make sure that, lifestyle photos can complement individual shots on your product page, they’re also perfect for social media, emails, ads and other visual channels, because they catch the eye and make your products feel more personal.

Detailed Shots:

 For products with small intricacies that require a close-up, including jewellery and other small items, detailed shots help highlight specific product features that a traditional photo might not catch.

Packaging Shots:

 From browsing your website to making a purchase and receiving their product in the mail, customers seek a shopping experience that is consistent from start to finish. So, even though you may have an amazing product, if your presentation isn’t up to par, your customers might take note.

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